Front Desk Profitability Course

Maximize Front Desk Profitability

A Staff Training Course

Yes! Help me with my patient collections now!

It shouldn't be so difficult to collect from patients, right?

Higher collections, happier patients... Sounds too good to be true? Can you actually increase your patient collections and increase patient satisfaction at the same time? Absolutely! I'm going to show you and your staff exactly how. 

Yes! Help me increase my collections now!

High collections and happy patients CAN go hand in hand!

Do you or your staff have trouble getting patients to pay their bill?

Are your Patient Collections lower than they should be? Are your patient's unhappy about the bills they receive? Accounts Receivable really high? It doesn't have to be that way!

It shouldn't be so difficult to get patients to pay! 

In the Maximizing Patient Collections Module I will show you: 

  • How I 10xed patient collections by doing one simple totally legal and ethical step.
  • How to get patients to pay their bill without being upset about it.
  • How your current patient statement layout could actually be decreasing your collections.
  • What you should and should NOT be doing with your cash patients.
  • One simple step that will drastically reduce patients upset about their bill.
  • Why NOT insisting patients pay their bill actually causes them to stop treatment.

Meet Jessica

Who am I?

Good question! My grandparents were Chiropractors so I basically grew up in a healthcare office. 

My parents proceeded to develop a top-of-the-line practice management and EMR software company, where, straight out of school, I worked. I consulted doctors from all over the nation on practice management problems and solutions for 8 years. I traveled the US and have spoken to thousands of doctors about the problems that they face in their practices.  

When I relocated to Nashville, I managed a Chiropractic office, increasing their front desk collections 10 fold.  

Then it happened: I got a call from a top medical consultant who said, “Jessica, please help my client. She’s desperate. If someone doesn’t get to the bottom of what is going on, she will lose her practice.”  

Turns out, someone had taken over her billing and had messed it up so badly that she had ZERO collections coming in. Nothing. No money, whatsoever. Scary!  

So I got to work. I burned the midnight oil and I pulled apart every incorrect thing that has been done to and in her billing department.

Over the next few weeks, I turned the entire situation around, got her properly credentialed, got her submitting correct claims and got her practice on its feet again.  

 And so, my journey as a Billing Specialist and a Rescue Consultant began!

Almost a decade later, I have successfully run my own Medical Billing Service and rescued offices in different sections of the US from disaster and financial ruin. 

Over the years, I have found most billers and staff, through no fault of their own, are operating with the knowledge that looks something like Swiss cheese. Solid in some places and big gaping holes in others.  

At the root of the problem is no effective training.  

And so, my training courses were born.

I'm passionate about helping offices be the best they can be. 

Are you ready to get started? 


Maximizing Front Desk Profitability Module

I have worked with more Healthcare Offices than I can count and have isolated those actions that seperate a successful office from one with lackluster collections and upset, non paying patients. 

I have worked hard to compile these actions into a consumable training program that, not only educates your staff, but gives them step by step instructions on exactly how to implement those successful actions.

In this Module you WON'T find:

  • Unethical or illegal "tricks"
  • Techniques that bully a patient or make him or her uncomfortable
  • "Facts" that have no workable use in an actual office

What you WILL find are simple, workable basics that, when applied, will result in a streamlined, more effective staff, increased collections and patient goodwill.

What's Covered?

  • Understanding Insurance Coverage
  • Maximizing Front Desk Collections
  • Maximizing Back Office Collections
  • Patient Statements That Work!
  • Office Collection Policies
  • Answering Patient Questions
  • Handling Upset Patients (with no waiting area disasters)
  • Cash Patient Collections, Do's and Don't's
  • Bonus: Maximizing Supplement and Other Inventory Item Sales

What You'll Get

Upon release of the Maximizing Front Desk Profitability Course, you will get:

Maximizing Front Desk Profitability

Access to the entire module for you and your entire staff, including:

  • Training Videos
  • Sample Forms
  • Staff Training Routines

Implementation Checksheet:

This checksheet will walk you and your staff though the training program, step by step. 

Access to "members only" Facebook Group:

Upon release of the course, you will receive an invite with access to my exclusive Facebook support group.

In this group you will have access to other offices who are working on implemeting my strategies. You can trade tips and tricks and get help with getting your patient collections in great shape.

In addition to that, I have a network of billers who are in the group and ready to answer your questions. 

This perk alone is worth the "price of admission!"

Heck yes! Sign me up!


What My Clients Are Saying...


If I believed in this sort of thing, I would say that there is a golden throne waiting for you in heaven, for all this help and making things simpler. Whether or not there's a golden throne in your future, I appreciate it :D .

Kat J.

Everything that you had said about our billing department was correct. I guess you were able to see things that I was blinded to. 

I brought in two outside auditors... They have shown me that everything that you did was perfect, right on and that you cleaned everything up. You’re a wonderful lady, you’ve got great insight, great knowledge and great skills. Most of all, you’re trustworthy and that means everything to me. 

Dr. R.

Thank you for your help with the billing! He would have not collected what he did without you!

Trisha S.

Maximizing Patient Collections

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Disclaimer: In this course you will receive information and tools that I have used in the past to increase collections. I have found them to be effective when applied as stated. That said, actual results may vary and I can not promise any particular result or financial outcome. For more information on this policy, click on the link below. 

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