Billing and Collections Specialist Certification

JMK Solutions Certified Billing Specialists are trained like you've never seen before. They are competent, reliable, and really, REALLY good at whipping your entire Revenue Cycle into shape.

Expert billers trained so thoroughly you are FINALLY able to focus on your patients and practice growth.

Plug the holes in your revenue cycle.

Streamlined Billing

It's not just you, billing IS complicated and confusing. The insurance companies do this on purpose. They want you to become so overwhelmed that "it just isn't worth the headache" to go after those claims. How do you combat this? By having your billing department and entire Revenue Cycle so streamlined and so thoroughly understood by your biller that they don't get overwhelmed or confused. Billers with the JMK Solutions Certification are THAT good.

Aggressive Collections

I'm going to let you in on a secret: most of your AR that exists, exists because there is a lapse somewhere earlier in the Revenue Cycle. Once your entire Revenue Cycle, from Insurance Verification, to proper usage of diagnosis codes and all the way through to payment is properly in place, you will have eliminated much of what would have continued to clog your AR. This leaves the Biller free to agressively collect on claims that truly need it, rather than fixing and resubmitting errors that should have been found earlier. JMK Solutions Certified Billers are trained to do just that.

Transparent Reporting

You should not have to spend your time worrying about your billing but you absolutely should know what's going on. JMK Solutions Certified Billers are trained to, not only keep accurate AR, (as opposed to other billing services who make a practice of deleting everything out so it only looks good) but they undertand how imporant it is for you to know where things stand. With a JMK Solutions Certified Biller you can expect consistent and accurate reporting and good communication from your biller.

Achieve Freedom

Freedom to focus on your patients, freedom to expand your practice and freedom to do what you originally set out to do.

How much money are you losing due to holes in your revenue cycle? How much time are you spending worrying about your denied claims? What practice growth could you achieve if you actually got paid for the service you provided?

Ready to plug the holes in your billing?

(and finally find GOOD help?!)

Hire a JMK Solutions Certified Billing and Collections Specialist today.